My role here at Lornshill is not as a result of bad behaviour or the school being identified as a problem. The role of the Campus Officer is not as simple as one would think. I am still a Police Officer however my day to day job does not consist of investigating crime and prosecuting offenders.

Some key parts of my role are;

  • Participation in group work, working with challenging individuals with a view to improving young person’s lives through a partnership approach.
  • Information sharing and liaising with other partner agencies (i.e. education, social work, substance misuse etc.)
  • Organising and delivering educational presentations in relation to community issues. This may include talks on drugs, alcohol, racism, anti-social behaviour and any other significant issue.
  • Assisting with behaviour management in terms of a deterrent presence. It is useful if young people grow to understand that bad behaviour in school, if replicated in the community could result in a criminal complaint.
  • On occasion an incident may occur in school which would result in Police involvement even if I wasn’t here. As such I am the best placed person to investigate and deal with the incident. There are also instances where incidents out-with school involving pupils require my assistance. My main aim in these instances would be to reduce the impact that this has on any pupils as much as possible.

I also work closely with the school attendance and welfare officer, Carol Love in dealing with instances of poor attendance and truancy. This is particularly important where there is an identified vulnerability with the pupil or family.

Essentially, the one thing I want to ensure all parents know is that I am not here to patrol the corridors, deal with discipline or actively hunt for pupils who are misbehaving. These are still and will continue to be an issue for the school to deal with.

If you would like any further information about my role or need to speak to me about anything else, please call the school on 01259 214331 or contact me by email using this link.