Glow is Scotland’s nationally available digital environment for learning. A Glow account provides access to a number of web services and procured resources that allow users to create, collaborate and innovate.  All pupils and staff at Lornshill Academy have been issued with a Glow account and password.

Glow is not just one place or platform. Instead, Glow offers a username and password that gives access to a number of different web services: Microsoft Office 365, WordPress blogs, Wikispaces wikis and Adobe Connect as part of a Broadcasting service (Glow TV and Glow Meet).

Glow provides a variety of safe and secure cloud-based services for collaborative, innovative and social learning, co-creation, easy web publishing.  Glow accounts are available to all schools and education establishments across Scotland, including independent schools and teacher education colleges/universities.

For further information about Glow please contact us.