S5 Prize Winners 2013 – 2014


Forename Surname Tutor Group    
Reiss Allan D11 1st inExcellence Award inAttainment Intermediate 2 Chemistry
Liam Anderson D02 1st in Intermediate 2 Music
Hannah Breingan F05 1st in Intermediate 1 Geography
Shannon Brennan G14 Excellence Award inAttainment
Cameron Brolly F02 Excellence Award inAttainment
Katie Bruce D16 Excellence Award inEffort
Heather Bundy D05 Excellence Award inAttainment
Cameron Campbell G17 Excellence Award inEffort
Mark Campbell F17 Excellence Award inAttainment
Chloe Carruthers G15 1st inExcellence Award inEffort Intermediate 1 History
Emily Cunningham F02 Excellence Award inEffort and Attainment
Jamie Dick D02 Excellence Award inAttainment
Margaux Dufeu G17 1st inExcellence Award inEffort Higher Art & Design
Lewis Fenwick G17 Excellence Award inEffort
Teri Foxton G03 1st in Intermediate 2 Drama
Olivia Gillies F16 1st in Intermediate 2 Art & Design
Olivia Hamilton G17 Excellence Award inEffort
David Harvey D01 Excellence Award inAttainment
Jamie Haston-Dougan G18 Excellence Award inAttainment
Connie Henderson F04 1st in Intermediate 1 Drama
Adam Hogg D01 Excellence Award inAttainment
Connar Horne G05 Excellence Award inAttainment 


Amy Hughes G03 1st in 

Excellence Award in

Effort and Attainment

Higher Business Management, Modern Studies
Aisling Hurley G07 1st inExcellence Award in

Effort and Attainment

Higher Computing, English, Mathematics, Physics
Lily Johnstone D12 1st in Higher History
Paul Jones F03 Excellence Award inEffort
Erin Keir D04 Excellence Award inEffort and Attainment
Sarah Kerr G01 1st inExcellence Award inAttainment Higher P.E.
Ross Kettles D09 Excellence Award inAttainment
Edvinas Leginas D05 Excellence Award inEffort
Lawranne Lindsay F14 1st inExcellence Award in


Higher Drama, Intermediate 2 History
Jenna Loudon D15 Excellence Award inEffort
Holly Macdonald G01 Excellence Award inEffort
Kieren MacGregor G11 1st inExcellence Award in



Intermediate 2 Business Management
Diana Majerowska G11 1st in Higher French, Intermediate 2 Mathematics
Skye McGarrigle D18 Excellence Award inEffort and Attainment
Owen McKie F03 1st in Intermediate 2 Practical Craft Skills
Alix Muir F05 1st inExcellence Award in


Intermediate 2 Administration
Shannon Murray G07 1st in Intermediate 2 Accounts
Finlay Nelson G13 1st inExcellence Award inAttainment Higher Biology, Chemistry
Eilidh Nimmo G18 Excellence Award inAttainment 
Nicole Nutt F17 Excellence Award inEffort and Attainment
Hayley Paterson D13 1st in Intermediate 2 Biology
Natalie Paterson D06 Excellence Award inEffort
Steven Smith G02 1st in Intermediate 2 Computing
Craig Snaddon D07 1st inExcellence Award in

Effort and Attainment

Intermediate 2 Graphic Communication
Stuart Snaddon D15 1st in Intermediate 1 Modern Studies
Jake Stewart F06 Excellence Award inEffort
Katie Stewart D02 Excellence Award inEffort and Attainment 
Sonya Tasleen F06 Excellence Award inAttainment 
Rebecca Taylor D12 1st in Intermediate 2 Physical Education
Stewart Thompson G09 Excellence Award inEffort
Jenny Walker F12 Excellence Award inAttainment
Katie Warnock G12 Excellence Award inAttainment
Alison Williamson D14 1st inExcellence Award inEffort and Attainment Higher Music
Paige Wilson D17 Excellence Award inEffort
Chloe Wotherspoon G12 Excellence Award inEffort
Callum Wylie G13 Excellence Award inEffort and Attainment