Lornshill Academy expects all pupils to wear school uniform at all times. Our school,uniform policy has been agreed by and is supported by our parents. Clackmannanshire Council also support pupils wearing school uniforms in all schools across the authority. Our school uniform policy is currently being considered by the Lornshill Academy Pupil Parliament and any proposed changes will have to be agreed on following a whole school vote involving pupils from S1-S6 and all staff.

At Lornshill Academy, we believe there are significant benefits in asking all pupils to wear school uniform.

* School uniform levels the playing field and reduces any peer pressure to wear expensive, fashionable clothes which many families would struggle to buy for their children. School uniform is a less expensive option when providing clothes for your child to wear to school.

* Increases pupils self esteem, feeling of belonging and sense of pride in their school. Displaying the school logo and wearing the school tie helps pupils identify with their school.

* Putting on the school uniform in the morning helps pupils get into the right frame of mind and prepare them to learn.

* Removes any stress pupils may experience regarding ‘what to wear to school’ and helps parents avoid arguments with their children regarding appropriate clothes to wear to school.

School Uniform

* Black blazer – school badge( available from school office)

* School tie – Junior tie (S1-S3) Senior (S4-S6)

* White shirt

* Black jumper or cardigan

* Black trousers or skirt

* Black footwear – all black, no white or coloured logos etc.

PE Uniform

* White polo shirt

* Black/navy blue jogging bottoms/leggings

* Suitable trainers for activity.

* No football colours

All outside jackets should be removed when pupils enter the school building. School ties and badges are available from the school office. We have ensured our uniform is very simple and allows parents a choice of where to buy their child’s uniform to reduce costs.

Information regarding School Clothing Grants, which can help families meet the costs of providing school uniform, can be found on Clackmannanshire Council website

clacks web.org.uk