Child Protection

Child Protection

Lornshill Academy follows the Child Protection guideline provided by Clackmannanshire Education and Community Services. Child protection means protecting a child from child abuse or neglect or the risk of significant harm. If a child’s wellbeing is considered to be at risk, relevant information must always be shared. Child Protection is the responsibility of all adults and it is our public responsibility to protect children. If anyone suspects child abuse or neglect, they should contact Clackmannanshire Council Social Work Child Protection team.

All staff participate in annual Child Protection training and they know if they have any concerns regarding a child’s wellbeing, they will pass on the information to the Child Protection Coordinator, Hayley McMaihin. Staff will treat the matter sensitively and information will only be passed to those who need to know in order to protect and support the child.

Proactive strategies:-

* Promoting a positive whole school ethos

* Being observant of Children’s needs, views and concerns.

* Education for Personal and Social development including personal safety programmes I.e. how to stay safe online.

* Developing resilience

* Working positively with parents and carers.