Attendance Policy

Lornshill Academy

Attendance Policy Draft 2016/17

We have high expectations of all our pupils in Lornshill Academy and we expect 100% attendance from all our pupils unless an absence is explained. It has been well documented that poor attendance contributes to poor attainment therefore regular school attendance is an important part of giving all children and young people the best possible start in life.

The law requires parents to make sure all children under 16 years of age are in full time education. It is Clackmannanshire Council’s policy that parents/carers notify the school of their child is going to be absent. If you are aware your child will be absent, please provide a note for your child’s tutor teacher or telephone the school (01259 542 331). However, if the absence is due to unexpected illness etc please contact the school as soon as possible to provide an explanation for the absence so the child’s attendance record can be amended with the appropriate explanation.

Attendance Procedures

* If the school receives no explanation for a pupil’s absence, the parent/carer will receive a Groupcall text message to alert them of their child’s absence and a request for an explanation.

* Tutor teachers will remind the pupil to bring a note to explain any absences. Tutor teachers monitor pupils attendance and are vigilant re patterns of non attendance.

* The Pupil Support team investigate all unexplained absences and attempt to contact the parent/carers via telephone initially or send a letter to ask for an explanation of absences.

* A key member of the Pupil Support team is our Attendance and Welfare Officer, Carol Love. The AWO may visit a child’s home if there are concerns regarding attendance to support the family.

* If unexplained absences persists or becomes a pattern, the DHT responsible for the year group will telephone or send a letter inviting the parent to a meeting to discuss the child’s attendance.

* If no improvement is seen in the child’s attendance, the matter may be raised during Screening meetings and the decision could be taken to refer the pupils poor attendance to the Reporter of the Children’s Panel (SCRA).

Leaving school during the normal school day

* If a pupil must leave school for any reason during the school day they must obtain a pass from the school office before leaving. An appointment must be confirmed by a note or phone call from the parent/carer.

* We carry out period by period registration so we are aware if a pupil is not in class. If a pupil leaves school without permission, the parent/carer will be contacted by a member of staff. If you suspect your child is truanting from school, please contact us immediately and we can investigate the issue.


The school day starts with Registration at 8.55am every morning. It is important all pupils arrive at school on time and in their registration class as key messages are communicated during this time. If a pupil arrives after 8.55am, they should report to the school office and sign in as late. A member of staff will mark the pupil as late and issue the pupil with a late slip to be passed to the class teacher to explain their late arrival to the lesson. Late coming means pupils are missing lessons as well as disrupting the learning of other pupils. Being punctual is an important personal quality. Timekeeping is recorded as part of the pupils attendance record and PT Pupil Support teachers are often asked to comment on timekeeping by employers who request a reference. Employers ask for this information as good timekeeping shows the employer the pupil is reliable.

Holidays during term time

Clackmannanshire Council actively discourages taking children out of school during term-time for family holidays because of the disruption that it causes to the education of individual pupils and class groups. Meaningful learning and teaching occurs in all lessons throughout the year, including the last weeks of term, so pupils who are absent will miss key coursework.

If a pupil will be absent from school due to a family holiday, the parent/carer should notify the school by letter at least two weeks prior to the holiday. The Pupil Support teacher will issue them with a slip which the pupil will give to all of their class teachers, informing them of the pending absence. The class teachers may provide work which the pupil should completed during the holiday in order to ensure they do not fall behind in their coursework.