Pupil Equity Fund

From 20017/18, £120m of Pupil Equity Funding (PEF) is being allocated directly to schools and targeted at closing the poverty related attainment gap.

Every council area is benefitting from Pupil Equity Funding and 95% of schools in Scotland have been allocated funding for pupils in P1-S3 known to be eligible for free school meals. This funding is to be spent at the discretion of Headteachers working in partnership with each other and their local authority.

Pupil Equity Funding is being provided as part of the £750m Attainment Scotland Fund which will be invested over the current Parliamentary term to tackle the poverty related attainment gap.

Lornshill Academy was allocated £114,000 for session 2017/18 to support narrowing any gaps we have within our school community.  Through our quality improvement work each session, priorities are identified, and action plans are drawn up to address these specific priorities.

Within our school we have been consistently working to improve our 1. Personal Support provision to ensure we meet the needs of all learners within our school, 2. Curriculum pathways to ensure each pupil can achieve their potential and experience a variety of learning opportunities that improves outcomes and 3. Quality Improvement to ensure that we continuously review our work and practice to systematically improve our ability to serve our pupils and our community.

The allocated PEF will support the following school developments,

  • Creation of a Learning Hub to support young people’s learning in a supportive environment for a wide range of needs (£60,000).
  • Employment of a Probationer Teacher of Mathematics to enable cross sector working with our associated primary schools to improve levels of numeracy and build staff capacity (£5,500).
  • The introduction of Mathletics to support numeracy home learning opportunities (£1,500)
  • The development of a Monitoring and Tracking data base to improve and support tracking pupil progress (£10,800).
  • The set up and development of a Bike Academy to increase the range of learning experiences for pupils (£8,000).
  • Music Tuition Project to enable a number of pupils to receive free music tuition to improve engagement with the school (£4,000).
  • Support for pupils accessing the Play Mentor project (£600)
  • PEF Coordinator and recruitment / HR costs (Approx. £16,000)
  • £7,600 still to be allocated throughout the session.