This year’s S2 have been studying Digital Literacy in English and were moved by the experiences of those young people experiencing cyber-bullying.  In response they have decided to attempt to CHANGE THE WORLD!!

Please help us by taking part in our social media campaign #kindonlineLHA

Suicide is the second biggest killer of young people in the UK.  Cyber bullying and online harassment have led many young people to consider taking their own lives.  This is a tragic and unnecessary reality and we at Lornshill Academy want to do our bit to change this by spreading kindness and positivity instead of hate!

We want everyone who sees this to commit a random act of kindness, nominate 5 others to take part and spread the word on Facebook or Twitter using our hashtag #kindonlineLHA.  To help us CHANGE THE WORLD you can donate £4 to the charity ChildLine by texting CL30 to 70744.

We really believe that making your Dad a cup of tea or helping someone carry their shopping could save a life! Please help us make a difference for young people struggling across the UK!