Growth Mindset Poetry Competition Winners

Staff and students recently took part in a poetry competition on the theme of Growth Mindset. It proved to be extremely popular and as a result the deadline for the pupil entries has been extended.

The School of Literature pupils were given the task of judging the staff entries and picked three worthy winners. We are delighted to announce that the winner of the competition was Miss Kirstein, who judges believed had best captured the theme.


The concept isn’t difficult
You’ll get it if you dare –
A ‘comfort zone’ is a wonderful place
But nothing good grows there.

You have to work hard and persevere,
Determination is key.
This will let you know how good
The feeling of success can be.

You only fail if you give up,
Good things you have to earn.
So you must try and try and try,
Before you really learn.

So learn to love a challenge,
No matter how hard it may seem.
How exciting it is to know,
You can do anything you dream.


In second place was Mrs Docherty with her poem ‘Try Till You Die.’

Try Till You Die

Whatever you decide to do in life

And your ambitions are monumental

You will eventually achieve your dreams

If you believe you have potential.


Think positive, believe in yourself

And you do the best you can,

Then you could be a doctor or a lawyer

Or even drive a van.


So make up your mind you’re trying your best

And surely you will succeed,

You can be proud of the fact you gave it your all

Even when you’re DEED.


Finally, in third place, was a powerful poem by the Headteacher, Mr Black.

I Decide

To hide and not know, or

To learn and grow.

I decide.

To pretend and not know, or

To fail and grow.

I decide.

To limit and NOT grow, or

To aspire and show.

I decide, I decide, I decide.


All poems submitted for entry will be available in a booklet produced by the School of Literature pupils, which will be on sale before Christmas.