Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

The aim of RMPS at Lornshill Academy is to enable our young people to:

  • understand the diversity of the community in Scotland and throughout the world
  • increase critical thinking skills
  • explore issues in morality and ethics
  • develop their own beliefs and points of view about a range of issues and beliefs.

RMPS naturally lends itself to cultivating the 4 capacities in young people. Through our programs in S1 to S6 we aim to support pupils to become responsible citizens, effective contributors, successful learners and confident individuals.

The skills developed in RMPS help young people in further education and are valuable for employment in many different fields. These include literacy skills, research skills, critical thinking and ability to explain, criticise, analyse and draw conclusions. These skills are particularly valuable in areas such as politics, journalism, community and charity work, education, law and social work amongst many others.

RMPS is offered on different levels at Lornshill Academy from Broad General Education to National 4 and National 5.