Social Subjects New York and Washington DC Trip


In September 2017 38 pupils and 4 staff are going to be travelling to the USA to visit New York City and Washington DC.

This is an opportunity to enhance their educational experience by visiting New York City taking in the sites from Ellis Island(looking at immigration into the USA), Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Rock at the Top and Central Park. Pupils will also visit 9/11 memorial and find out more about the terrorist attacks that changed America. A visit to the Museum of Natural History will allow the pupils to explore the past events and how they have impacted on our life today. Pupils will have an opportunity to watch a Broadway show, take part in a TV and Movie tour and experience local restaurants to broaden the cultural experiences. When in Washington DC they will have a tour of the city seeing important political sites, visit the National Archives, Holocaust Memorial Museum and US Capitol all focused on the American Political system.


Information Evening

There will be an information evening on the 1st March at 6pm in the assembly hall where more information will be shared.  This will also give the parents/carers an opportunity to meet the staff going on the trip.

Bag Packing

This will be taking place at Tesco in Alloa on 11th and 12th of March from 10-4pm.   All pupils must help out to raise funds for the trip.


The official site to complete ESTA forms is below and the current charge is $14.


Details for the ESTA forms


Hotel Pennsylvania

401, 7th Avenue & 33rd Street

New York


Tel:212 736 5000



Harrington Hotel

11th & E Streets, N.W.

Washington DC

2004 – 1398

Tel:00 1 202 628 8140