Modern Studies


The aim of Modern Studies is to develop and broaden pupils’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of key social, economic and political issues they will meet in their lives.  Pupils will study issues at local, Scottish, United Kingdom and International level.

The main aims of Modern Studies are to enable learners to:

♦ learn as informed members of society and local and global citizens

♦ have an appreciation of the modern world continues to change, and will continue to do so in the future

♦ understand the importance of human and legal rights and responsibilities

♦ understand the democratic process and how governments decisions effect all our daily lives

♦ learn how we can all participate in decision making at a local and national level

♦ be aware of the nature and processes of conflict resolution at all levels

The skills that pupils will develop throughout their time in the department are valuable for further education and employment.  These include research skills, making and justifying decisions and learning how to analyse information to draw conclusions.

We offer many different levels from Broad General Education, National 3 , National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Possible areas for future employment:  journalism, law, social work, local government, teaching, police, armed forces(Army, RAF, Navy), tourism, media.