Purpose and aims of the Course;

History opens up the world of the past to learners. Studying History gives pupils a fascinating insight into their own lives and the society in which they live. By examining the past, they discover their heritage as members of a community, a country and a wider world. By studying events of the past we are more able to understand why the world we live in today is the way it is.

Throughout the History course pupils will study three Units of work which cover Scottish, British, European and World.

The skills that pupils will develop include;

♦develop and apply knowledge and understanding in contexts from Scottish, British or European/World history

♦ research and use information collected from a range of historical sources

♦ evaluate the usefulness and purpose of a range of historical sources

♦ describe, explain and present information about a variety of historical themes and events

♦ compare differing historical viewpoints from a range of historical sources


We offer many different levels from Broad General Education, National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Possible areas for future study include Social Science, Law, Sociology and Criminology.  With areas for employment: journalism, law, social work, local government, teaching, police, army, tourism, media, archaeology, museum archivist, T.V researcher and presenter, e.g. Neil Oliver.