The aim of Geography is to develop and broaden pupils’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the world around them.  It helps pupils to become informed citizens, in particular in areas of global and environmental citizenship.

“Why do some areas of the world suffer from earthquakes and volcanoes, when other areas don’t?”

“Why do some areas experience certain diseases that do not exist in others?”

“How did the Ice Age shape our world today?”

“How can we help countries after they suffer a devastating hurricane?”

“Why do cities experience traffic congestion?”

These questions and many more can be answered in Geography

The skills that pupils will develop throughout their time in the department are valuable for further education and employment.  These include research skills, mapping skills, critical thinking and learning how to analyse information to draw conclusions.

We offer many different levels from Broad General Education, National 3 , National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

There are opportunities for practical activities including fieldwork, so that learners can interact with their environment.

Higher Geography is now recognised and accepted as a Science Subject for entrance to college and university and Geography permits entrance to a wide range of careers such as Urban planning, map design, teaching, the Armed Forces, the travel industry, weather forecasting, environmental management.