The Languages Team is made up of 12 language specialists who share a common goal: to nurture, inspire and ultimately empower your child throughout their time in our care.

We work together as a team for two reasons. Firstly, we are better as a team, bringing together a wide range of talents and experiences, enabling more opportunities for high quality professional dialogue and a support network that drives improvement across the whole team.

Crucially though, as a team we are able to deliver a consistent experience to your young person throughout their time at Lornshill Academy. We spend a lot of time getting to know them, making sure that we provide an experience that meets their needs, both as an individual learner and as a young person growing up in an often challenging world. We care about them as people, and because we care we make absolutely certain that we pass on our knowledge to other members of the team who work with them as they progress through the school.

Below is the Languages Team who will be responsible for your child’s language development throughout their time in Lornshill Academy.

Faculty Head

Mr Chris Somerville

Learning and Behaviour Team

Miss Tracey McEwan (Lead)

Mr Dave Ryder

BGE Team

Mrs McMahon (Lead)

Mr Aldous

Mrs Lyon

Mrs Roy

Senior Team

Miss Risk (Lead)

Mrs Cruickshanks

Mrs McKinnon

Mrs Meldrum