S1-S3 BGE Technologies

BGE in D&T


The Broad General Education (BGE) is a critical part of your learning.

Within D&T, we have mapped our BGE courses to the experiences and outcomes within the technologies and use the Significant Aspects of Learning to assess your progress and achievement.

Every S1 and S2 pupil will follow a common course learning about design, engineering and technology. It will be an exciting time and you will discover your problem-solving skills and how to be creative.  This, along with practical experiences are used to make both formative and summative assessment judgements on your progress.

In S2 you will be build upon the skills you developed in S1 and are progressing these to a new level. You will explore new materials and techniques and will have the opportunity to showcase your creative talents further while having fun.

Later on in the year you will begin to choose which subjects you wish to specialise in. You can choose more than one D&T subject area from the following course choices:

  • Design & Manufacture
  • Engineering Science
  • Graphic Communication
  • Practical Woodworking

Course Choice STEM video (downloadable zip file)

There is a huge shortage of designers and engineers within the UK and internationally. Those with design and engineering skills are sought after around the world.

Here, you will begin your journey into a fantastic career…


Assessing and Sharing Progress in the Broad General Education


Options in S3….

Option choice isn’t always easy, for our young people but it is important. The choices in school will have an impact on future learning and career options. So, it’s worth putting in the time to think them through properly and plan ahead.

Click this link for some useful resources to help with this process