Child Protection

The safety and welfare of children and young people are of paramount concern to staff in schools. All staff and volunteers working with children and young people (in or out of the school building) are checked through Disclosure Scotland to ensure that they are suitable for such work. The school also has close working links with a wide range of other services and agencies that can help support children and young people in need.

Each school has a named co-ordinator responsible for all issues relating to Child Protection. In our school this person is Mr Ewan Murray. Full details of the Council’s guidelines and procedures for Child Protection can be seen in the school on request.

Clackmannanshire Council requires all staff to inform the co-ordinator of any suspicious signs that a child may be in need of intervention or support. Such information cannot be kept confidential. The co-ordinator must pass the matter to social services who ensure that parents/carers are informed. Other members of school staff will be informed only if they have a direct role in supporting the child or young person. Social Services staff will pursue the allegation or concern; sometimes this will be as part of a joint team with the police.

The school actively supports children and young people to develop their knowledge and skills about personal safety and to be confident in expressing any anxieties about their own well-being. This is encouraged through Personal Support and through specific curricular programs.