Additional Support Needs – Exam Support

The Faculty offers additional support for formal SQA assessments at all levels.

The level of support provided is based on guidance from the SQA and this requires significant evidence of pupils’ performance over their time at Lornshill.  Additional support can only be provided if we can demonstrate that a pupil is likely to perform to their true ability only with support measures in place.

Additional support is exam specific, as evidence has to be provided seperately for each subject area.

Support for students in their final exams is likely to consist of one or more of the following:

  • Use of computers to type their exam scripts.
  • Sound magnification for listening exams.
  • Additional time to complete their exam.
  • A reader to read their exam paper to them.
  • A scribe to write their verbal response to questions down, either with or without corrections.
  • A prompt to nudge them into activity if they are easily distracted.
  • Alternative location to sit their exam.
  • Specific response to medical injuries.

Full guidance about the support available for examinations is available from the SQA on request.

General study support lessons are offered after school in the run up to prelims and final exams.

ASN teaching staff offer support every day at lunchtime and break in the Faculty.